Euro Inclusion

“EuroInclusion” is a participatory and exchange program between young people with disabilities from all the countries of the European Union.

Europe is an Adventure of the Future that must commit all its States to consolidate an exemplary continental alliance where Human Rights, Democracy, Freedom, Equality and Dignity are common values ​​for all citizens.

In this context, there is a very important minority that must be carefully taken into account when building this great building that is Europe: people with disabilities and especially young people with disabilities.

It is estimated that in the decade of the 1920s the number of inhabitants of the European Union will be around 450 million people, and of these about 100 million people will have some type of disability. Therefore, it is more than twenty percent of the citizens of our social and economic unit. This directly affects their poverty rate, 70% higher than the average, due to the great difficulties that these people find to have a job. And it must also be considered that there are many fully capable people in their youth who over time suffer some kind of disability.

Historically, people with disabilities have not had much participation in the societies of the past. There are three main categories of human disabilities broadly: physical disability, mental disability, and sensory disability. Although each of them has its own idiosyncrasy, the common denominator has been that in any of the variants those affected have considered "less valid" people for a "normal" life.

In the Present, the concepts have changed, and the idea of ​​"Inclusion" has made its way, explaining the situation of these people as "functional diversity". These citizens are no longer considered “less” than the rest of their fellow citizens and they are being fully granted all civil rights.

This change must be encouraged by people with disabilities themselves, and we believe that the vanguard of this movement should be led by young people, who have already been educated and prepared for a new world. This is our main idea: that young people with disabilities integrate and contribute with their own experiences and their own ideas to the creation of the new Europe of the 21st century.

Lines of action:

Our goal is to achieve an associative structure where all young people with disabilities in Europe have a place.

Our attitude is to support the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN, so that Europe is the epicenter of the new Humanity.

Our work is to educate all people with disabilities, young people and adults, so that they are not left out of this social dynamic of a more just and more humane continent.


The origin of "Euro Inclusion" is located in 2018, in the heat of the dissemination of the International Flag of Disability and Overcoming that was presented to the UN on December 3, 2017. The idea was to make visible to people with disability so that their presence and contributions to society were taken into account.

Our global social, political and economic sphere is the European Union, and from the beginning we have supported the “Communication” of the European Commission on the “European Strategy on Disability 2010-2020: A Renewed Commitment to a Europe without Borders”. Throughout 2020, and despite the limitations imposed by the unexpected World Pandemic of Covid 19, we have held many events that have been in our power to spread the "Euro Inclusion" always seeking full participation of people with disabilities so that they can enjoy fully of the benefits of citizenship of the European Union and also seeking the full participation of people from other geographical areas who have come to Europe to seek a new future, overcoming racist and discriminatory attitudes.

Our will is that young people with disabilities can demonstrate all our capabilities in the whole of European society in conditions of full equality and dignity with the rest of the population. Our example as young people will also influence adults so that they do not feel left out of the social process.

We never forget the precepts contained in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, from article 1 where it is indicated that Human Dignity is inviolable, and that it will always be respected and protected, to article 21 that prohibits all discrimination on grounds of disability. And especially, of course, Article 26 which establishes that "the Union recognizes the right of disabled people to benefit from the means that guarantee all their autonomy, their social and professional integration and their participation in the Life of the Community."

Inclusive Proposals of the New Decade:

Legal proposal:

Dissemination and officialization of the "European Disability Card" which is currently only implemented in eight countries of the European Union. It is necessary that this instrument of recognition of our rights be a reality in the entire territory, and all States assume it as their own, surpassing the current regional cards or documents.

Social proposal:

Dissemination and presentation of the International Flag of Disability and Overcoming as an instrument of social recognition of our identity as people with disabilities who at the same time have as a permanent objective the overcoming of the obstacles that these disabilities cause us in our daily lives.

Cultural proposal:

Celebration of the "Festival of Disabilities" where every year the artistic and creative effort of all people with disabilities, and especially young people, in all branches of Fine Arts can be shown. This Festival should be held in different countries in each edition, but as a festive meeting between young people from all countries, so that we get to know each other better and get to know better our enormous European territory.